Addictive Build Ups Vol.1

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Addictive Build Ups Vol. 1 45 Midi Files within 15 Construction Kits


Construction Kits in different keys


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The keys of a good and outstanding song are melodies, vocals, and sound design! In electronic dance music, it’s more just the sound design and melodies. An awesome drop lead with a catchy melody can easily become a hit, but what do I do when I’m a beginner and want to get started?

Well, then you should come to us! Get your pre-made midi presets and focus on your arrangement and your mixing skills. You can take a look at different melodies combined in 15 construction kits and how they are made to get a better understanding of music theory. Start from a good point and make your melodies easy and fast. Get inspired by an innovative collection of 45 midi files.

Why Addictive Build Ups Vol.1?

Are you stuck in your production or can’t get any good harmonic melody? Addictive Build Ups will give you the inspiration you need. With 45 midi files and 15 constructions kits, It will help you to start effortlessly a song. Also, it is 100% royalty free so you can sell your tracks which are made with this pack.


All of our products are compatible with DAWs like:
Logic, Ableton, Cubase, or FL Studio.
Or any other DAW or Software which is able to edit and play midi files.

15 Construction Kits in different keys

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Get your inspiration from 45 Midi Files


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Why do we offer this service?

We truly believe in our work and we are convinced you’ll love it, too!
Therefore if you don’t agree, we will give you your money back. Especially relevant is that this process needs to happen within 30 days after the purchase.


What do I need to run it?

You can use this pack in every DAW.

In which genres can I use it?

You can use it for House, Progressive House, Elektro, Dubstep, Future House, Tropical House and many other genres.

What if I don't like the product?

For all of our products, Addictive EDM has 30 Days Money Back Guarantee! This means you will get your full money back if you’re not happy with our product. You need to contact us within 30 days after you purchased the Product. If you want to get your refund or have other problems with the product please contact

What if I lose my copy?

No problem, we’re offering unlimited downloads once you’ve purchased the product.